Saturday, January 12, 2013

Collaboration Contest #3: TOP 10 RUNNERS UP!

Hello there my darlings! Time for The TOP 10 Runners Up of my 3rd Collaboration Contest! This decision was INCREDIBLY difficult! There were just so many amazing entries. There were many that came SO close, but sadly I can not send prizes to them all. Originally I was going to only pick three winners total, but after seeing the amazing quality of work I just had to pick more! Tomorrow I shall announce the top three grand prize winners! Each top ten runner up will receive a mini prize of their choice! Thank you everyone that entered!

By Amanda Montelli "Sashi"
By EmmaXMaree, "Soleil"
By Laurie Noel "Sashi"
By M. De Vena "Soleil"
By Amber Chambers "Soleil"
By Maria Degeratu "Soleil"
By Mirisha Brown "Soleil" and "Sashi"
By Sophia Lenz "Soleil
By Shade Hellsing "Soleil"
By Raeleeta Peterson "Sashi"