Saturday, September 25, 2010

Episode 2: One Simple Idea

On this episode of Art NuVogue, I'm drawing inspiration from the film "Inception." This movie really rocked my socks and if you haven't seen it- hurry and up and go! This painting incorporates my love of organic backgrounds, collage and 3D elements. See how it's done in my video above! I'm proud to announce that this painting has also been sold! I was sad to see this one go- I was quite attached to it!


Episode 1: Nouveau Blue

I'm proud to present my very first episode of my new Video Art Blog: Art NuVogue! In this first episode I'm drawing inspiration from my show's title: Art Nouveau + Fashion Illustration = Art NuVogue! Check out the video to see my process as I create the piece "Nouveau Blue." I'm proud to announce that since the airing of my video this painting has been sold to a dear fan and my painting has found it's new home across the Atlantic! Stay tuned friends! More art and videos to come!

~ Leilani