Friday, December 7, 2012



It's that TIME again! Put your artist thinking caps on collaborate with me! I've created three character bios and three character templates. Choose a character and a template and GET CREATIVE! Once submitted I will choose the top three winners to recieve a prize! Here's the fine print!

1. Read the following charaters bios and choose the one that you would like to design! You can do one of each, or just one but remember: QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANITY!

Feel free to take some liberties with these characters, expand on them or adjust them to your interpretation.


  1. Sashi: Cool, calm and collected, Sashi is the most demure of the three, yet she has a demanding presence. She represents serenity and balance in nature. Sashi identifies with water, the ocean and cool colors. Like water, she can flow gently, or cause a mighty storm. Her name is of Indian origin and means, “Moon.” 

  1. Stella:  Playful and spritely, Stella is always up to some mischeif. No one ever quite knows what she’s thinking. She has a lust for life and represents the "nymphet", possessing a youthful sensuality. Stella identifies with nature, fantasy, and the colors of yellow, green and earth tones. Stella is fairy/ nymph-like with a youthful whimsy about her. Her name is of Itailian origin and means, “Star.”

  1. Soleil: Vibrant and passionate, Soleil is the most dangerous of the three. She represents chaos, power, and lust. She is strikingly beautiful, but can be cruel and unpredictable. Soleil identifies with fire, destruction and wrath. She is best described by reds, oranges, and warm colors. Her names is of French origin and means, “Sun.” 

2. Once you've chosen the bio you like best, next choose one character template from the three I've provided. Choose the one you feel best fits your character. Feel free to combine, alter them, add/subtract, crop, trace and otherwise MAKE THEM YOUR OWN! Get creative! Add your OWN STYLE! And Feel free to add characters, backgrounds, and other elements!

3. Create your own unique piece of art using your bio and character template. Then design away and add your own creative flair to it!

4. Once completed, submit your completed illustration to


1. Contest begins December 6th 2012, and ends at 12 MIDNIGHT PST onSunday, January 5th 2013! All entries will be posted to Facebook Album after the close of the contest and the 3 winners will be announced following the close of the contest.

2. All entires must be 100% original artwork created by the entering artist. Copyrighted photographs or exsisting artwork will not be considered.


4. Please DO NOT enter work you've done previously. At least ONE drawing template must be used to be considered.

5. Any medium welcome. Drawing, Painting, Digital, Collage, Etc

6. Black and white, Line Art, or Full Color are all acceptable. 

7. Entries will be judged on effort and creativity so take your time and enjoy the process!

8. All entires must be submitted to Title the email, "Collaboration Contest" 

9. Please include the name of the character you are designing in your submission email, "Sashi, Stella, or Soleil"

10. You are welcome to post your completed entry online but YOU MUST TAG or otherwise give credit to me as a collaboration since you will be using my drawing templete! THANK YOU!


1st: AN ORIGINAL LEILANI JOY SKETCH! Plus a mini gift of your choice! (button, keychain, magnet or mirror)

2nd: An 11x14" print of your choice and a mini gift of your choice! (button, keychain, magnet or mirror)

3rd: An 8x10" print of your choice and a mini gift of your choice! (button, keychain, magnet or mirror)

Copyrights ETC: All winning illustrations will be used for the purpose of the contest, ONLY. All winners selected for the collabortion WILL NOT gain reproduction rights to the final illustrations and may not sell prints or any other media featuring the collaborative artwork. Neither will Winning artwork will not be sold or reproduced by the artist, Leilani Joy. Winners will recieve an image file for use on Facebook etc, however credit must be given to both original artist and Leilani Joy. All artwork not chosen will remain the copyrighted property of the original artist. 

 International fans are encouraged and welcome to participate!

 Most importantly HAVE FUN and be CREATIVE! 


1. Does my entry have to be in Leilani Joy's Style?
 Your entry DOES NOT have to emulate my style of work. In fact I encourage you to maintain your individuality and uniqueness! 

2. Can I use more than one template in one image?
Absolutly! And feel free to add your own figure/characters if you like! 

3. Can I redraw/redesign the template to fit my own style?
Sure! As long as some of the origial concept remains and I can tell you worked from it. 

4. Can I submit my entry via regular mail?
I'm sorry but, no. I can't be responsible for returning original artwork or scanning/photographing it for you. Please submit by email only.

5. Is there a certian size it needs to be submitted? 
Email appropraite sizes. Over 500 px and under 2000 px is fine.

6. Is there an age minimum to enter?
Of course not! All ages are welcome!

Good luck and have fun!!!!