Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1st Place Contest Winner

By Amber Chambers

"Peacock and the Phoenix, these two represent the 4 elements, the Phoenix is fire and air, and the Peacock Water and Earth"

*As soon as I saw Amber's entries I knew I had a winner! Not only is she obviously a very skilled and talented artist, but I loved her original and unique ideas! All her pieces tell a story and leave me wanting to know more about them! She is a master of narrative as well as color and design skills. This piece was so powerful and perfectly executed that it just had to take my 1st place spot. I love the peacock inspired gown and the male character fits in so perfectly. It's truly a breathtaking piece and I'm so honored to be part of it! Please check out Amber's fabulous work here: www.thewanderinggoat.weebl​y.com

2nd Place Contest Winner

by Katarina Bacevic

"Africa woman. I started this drawing with hair and my friend was sitting next to me and she told me how cool would be If the girl was without it. So I listened to my friend and add this big earing and remembered of "Kirikou", French movie about African tribe and that small boy... Anyway, that is what came out whit all this colours... I have to add what Coco Chanel said: "The best colour in the whole world, is the one that looks good on you!" -Katarina

*Well Katarina, I'm so glad you listened to your friend because I absolutely love that she doesn't have hair! In fact she was the only entry I received who didn't have hair! This piece truly speaks for itself, but I love Katarina's use of color in this piece. The simple graphic style works perfectly and she balances the heavy detail in the dress with a more simplistic background and complimentary color scheme. Wonderful wonderful work Katarina, bravo!

3rd Place Contest Winner

by Analise Torres

*Now it's seems Analise is a mind reader because she someone knew I had an obsession with these fabulous shoes by Gianfrano Ferre:
I love love love Analise's fashion design from the boots, to the barb wire to the hair style. I can totally see this ensemble strutting down Alexander McQueen's runway! I also love how she handled the eyes, with the long lashes and dark liner. Great job Analise!

4th Place Contest Winner

by Stephanie Adams

*Color, color and more color! Stephanie definitely went for my weakness for bright intense colors! I like to call this this piece Lisa Frank Rock Star Super Hero! In other words- everything I love! It's one part Lady Gaga, one part Cyndi Lauper, with a touch of Jean Grey from the original X-Men comics. All around a winner! Fantastic job Stephanie!

5th Place Contest Winner!

by Keomarney Phan
"Apsara. The piece was inspired by my culture."

* Keomarney's piece has such a delicate and graceful aesthetic to it. It has a kind of subtle elegance and I love the way she incorporates the beautiful tradition thai headdresses and costumes into a modern fashion statement. I also like how she slightly altered her expression to give her a kind of sexy coyness. I love all the tiny detail work and her soft colors. Beautiful work Keomarney

Leilani Joy's Collaboration Contest

I'm so pleased to announce the winners of my Collaboration Contest! I couldn't be more impressed by all the amazing entries and all the creative ideas! It was so exciting to see what everyone came up with! To see all the entries please visit my facebook fan page and click the image below:

Photo of Byron Bay - one of Australia's best beaches!

The contest started with these two figure templates, that I drew and all contestants were instructed to design their own character! I left the parameters pretty open so everyone had the chance to let their creativity shine through!