Monday, June 6, 2011

The Creation of a Sailor Pin Up Girl!

This week I'm ready to set sail on some new art! Inspired by sailor pin up girls I've decided to go nautical! Enjoy!


Fanatical Friday 4: Tribute to a Great Artist....

This week I'm doing a small and simple tribute to one of my favorite instructors in college that sadly passed away this week. His love of color and texture has inspired much of my own work and he always believed in me and pushed me to excel, and for that I will always be grateful.

Oh My God Shoes....

UPDATE! After posting my last blog one of my amazing followers tells me that Jeffery Campbell makes a shoe inspired by my beloved 1938 Ferragamos.... They are available on! I want them so bad! Where, when, and why I'd wear them.... I'm not sure! But Maybe I'd just display them! Knowing myself as well as I do.... I'd probably break my ankle trying to actually go anywhere in these... But LOVE THEM, I do!

The originals, and Jeffery Cambell's Version: