Thursday, November 21, 2019

Turbo Kid Cosplay 2019

Our finished cosplay inspired by @TurboKid1997 (Turbo Kid film, 2015) by @rkss.films @rkssyoann @frankrkss @deathbypancake We love this movie so much and making these costumes was SO much fun! I especially love my Gnome Stick and our helmets! We made Brian’s Turbo Kid Armor, Power Glove and props from #EVAfoam, red stretch vinyl and lots of hot glue and spray paint! My jumpsuit was custom dyed and detailed by me, and the helmet was completely custom painted. My gnome stick was made from a plastic costume bat and plastic gnome watering can that I custom painted and attached. Apple's replica harness was gorgeously recreated to perfection by @knut_i_pryanik_ We’re so proud of how our costumes and photos turned out! If you haven’t seen this fun, retro, hilariously gory and heartfelt film check it out now on Amazon Prime! And fingers crossed for #TurboKid2 someday! (See my IGTV video for a little mini movie of our cosplay!) #TurboKid #TurboKidCosplay #TurboKidApple #TurboKidMovie