Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Results are In...

Hey guys,

So the final results of the Enchanted Doll contest are in and I WON! No just kidding I didn't. Actually I didn't even make the top 10! Poo! Oh well. There were some great entries and some tough competition. I did predict one of the top 3 though! Anyway, this is the first place winning entry:

At first I admit I wasn't so sure why this won, but after looking over the entry this person has a great sense of design and craftsmanship with a very thoroughly developed concept. Congrats to Amal! I have to point out an irony however... In one of the sketches Amal submitted they noted that "Maleficent" from Sleeping Beauty was one of their inspirations.... I also used that idea in my submission. Also I had some other similar ideas like the neck piece and the cage-bustier Anyway, just thought that these similarities were cool.... Though I didn't know I could have submitted my preliminary sketches.... :-X

Amal's sketches.....

My sketches....


  1. Thats too bad, i thought your entry was really great :D
    but this first place is really gorgeous too :)
    Keep on posting, love your blog :) <3
    Marie :)

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