Thursday, March 24, 2011

Off to the Pink Parlour!

Wow! After 3 weeks of working 15 hour days it's finally time! Tomorrow morning my crew and I (the parents, sister, boyfriend, and cousin) head down to L.A. for......

I'm super excited! I've been hard at work in perfecting my table and I am really excited to see all the other vendors and meet some new people! The show is being sponsored by Kat Von D's Wonder Gallery and Pin Up Girl Clothing! They are even having a contest for the best looking table! Hope it's me! Here is a sneak preview of my wares! Hope to see you there!

Phew..... I'm tired!


  1. great job, everything looks fabulous!sending my support your way.

  2. ^_^ thanks ashly! I had so much fun!

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