Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leilani Joy's Birthday Card Design Contest!

Contest Rules and Details:
  1. Any subject matter is welcome- but remember that it's a birthday card design!
  2. Only one entry per person
  3. Any medium is allowed
  4. Please send a small JPEG image to Admin@LeilaniJoy.com with your name and details
  5. Your submission MUST be received before MIDNIGHT on Monday November 25th 2013. (so the end of Nov. 25th)
  6. You need to design the front (cover) of the card only. You don't need to design the inside or back of the card.
  7. Winner will receive an awesome Leilani Joy Prize pack that includes: A signed 11x14"print of the winner's choice, a postcard set, a holiday card featuring "Magdalen and Magi"- and a pin back button! 
  9.  Please direct contest questions to Admin@LeilaniJoy.com


  1. What details do you want in the e-mail?

  2. How do we know you've received them by email ok?
    I'm always worried when I send in things for any contests in general, that they don't arrive or were in the junk box.. :(

    1. My assistant Tessa is sending out confirmation emails to everyone who enters so you should hear back from us if we received your entry.

  3. I sent mine in and I haven't gotten a conformation email, I'm afraid you might not have gotten it and now it's to late to resend it. DX

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