Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evolution of The Female

Looking for inspiration for your female characters? I stumbled upon this beautiful video by Maxronanido (directed by Lena Nosenko) on YouTube that shows the progression of female fashion and ideals of beauty. It might give you some cool ideas for placing your female characters in different time periods. Also the music is lovely.... Enjoy!


  1. Thanks, I've really enjoyed looking and listening at this ! Miranda

  2. So good! So very, very good. (Now, off to play it for my Li'l hellions. Harper Jo, now 7, but a self-proclaimed "Artiste" since the age of 19 months, is gonna LOVE this too! FYI - She is the "how" behind 'How did I ever mange to let go and give myself permission to to become my own version of "an artist" -sans tools of the trade, training, or much innate talent!