Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Bound Fawn by Leilani Joy

"The Bound Fawn"
By Leilani Joy
Ink on Bristol. 2012.


  1. wow, i really dont know what to say
    ive seen ALL your videos on youtube
    and i am soooo CRAZILY JEALOUS
    of how amazing you artwork is

    i was kind of hoping that maybe you could visit my blog
    its about art as well:)

    if you have the time
    id REALLY appreciate it if you could leave some comments on my blog whenever youre free
    and give me some advice...

    oh, and my blog is

    bariya :)

  2. (I too have a message)Hi Leilani my name is Danny short for Danniel and i just want to say you Inspire me
    I have seen a lot of drawings and illustrations but I kinda appreciate your work better I mean Yes Ido like the others but I can see great things in your paintings and may also ask you to check out my blog I want to help my aunt get discovered to be an artist so I will give you a link bellow and please keep doing your style
    and God Bless =)

  3. That's really cool! You have a lot of talent. :)

  4. this is really cool, i really love this

  5. Hey miss leilani,
    My name is tia and I just wanted to say thank you. In middle school I quit drawind and painting cause I thought I wasn't any good, but I happened across one of your videos on youtube, I think it was flora and I was just like wow, I wanto be like her. You. Became my idol so thanks;p

  6. This reminds me of Imogene's Antlers by David Small. Very creative!