Sunday, October 17, 2010

Episode 5: October's in the Air.....

Hi everyone! This week I found inspiration from the changing seasons.... My mom has tons of beautiful fall decor and I couldn't help but get inspired by all the lovely colors and textures.


  1. GREAT JOB! Again, you are doing some great art, and I really enjoy watching you create. Lately I had been feeling very inspired, but watching you paint has made me want to pick up a brush again. (I had been doing a lot of paper-cutting art).

    P.S. I am addicted to twitter, and will follow you if I'm not all ready! Tweet you later! and keep up the fabulous paintings...(the giraffe painting is one of my favorite of yours as well!)

  2. Aww! Thanks so much Ashly! <3 I really love your paper cut-out stuff! It's quite unique! Totally keep going with that! I want to do more collaging. It's so fun!

  3. I love your drawing, the technique you use, and everything you do.. I follow your youtube page, i learn so much from you.. Thank you so much
    and check my blog if you want.....


  4. Thank you Ruly! It's so nice to hear from you! So glad you like the videos and the art. I'm gonna come check out your blog! Thanks for sharing it with me.

    Best Wishes,
    Leilani ^_^